Elective Course for All

Centre for Rural Development and Technology has offered the following elective courses.

Interdisciplinary academic courses – 1

For UG Students (2 Credit) – Immersion for Rural Technology Development (RDT 201)

Scope of the Course: Theoretical/Classroom component and Fieldwork

• Sensitization of the landscape and rural needs/challenges.

• Identifying Stakeholders/Trainers/decision makers in a particular space.

• Defining and identifying a doable problem/project in that field.

• Defining the problem statement.

• Designing appropriate solution/methods to address the problem.

Interdisciplinary academic courses – 2

For UG/PG/PhD Students (3 Credit) – Design Thinking for Rural Application (RDT 301/401/601)

Scope of the Course: Theoretical/Classroom component and Field work towards the overall process of technology-based product development for rural community

•Principles of prototype/product development.

•Identification of community requirements through rural indicators, determinants and challenges.

•Understanding the process of technology development through case studies and its application for prototype/product development.

•Technology transfer and marketing in rural community.

•Technology impact assessment.

Interdisciplinary academic courses – 3

Final Year BTech Project Technology Implementation

Scope of the Course: Theoretical/Classroom component and Fieldwork

•Development of Real-life product and scaling it

•Manufacturing  ———-> Testing ———-> Field Trials ———-> Scale up



Design Thinking for Rural Application (RDT 301)

Immersion for Rural Technology Development (RDT 201)  

The courses will comprise classroom teaching and field visits to rural/tribal areas and offer a unique learning opportunity to the students. You may go through the attached proposed syllabi for more details. The courses will be particularly beneficial to students interested in rural development activities through administrative services, think tanks, NGOs & self-help groups, research firms, or any other capacity in future